Umbrella Of Dreams

"Small steps in the right direction changes your perspective."


We believe that steady incremental changes can have lasting positive results. When we join together and focus on leaving the world a better place, we can make a substantial impact on the environment and people that need a little help to find a better place in their life. At Umbrella of Dreams Charity Foundation, we research the top A-plus rated charities in specific fields and donate much needed funds to their amazing programs. These index groups of charities change the world every single day. With this method of funding we can spread the donations to many deserving charities and non-profits and insure thousands of positives steps in the right direction. Together, we really can Change the World!

How Do YOU Want To Change The World?

Animal Rights and Wildlife Conservation
Animal Rights and Wildlife Conservation
Arts, Libraries and Community Development
Arts, Libraries, and Comunnity Development
Child Welfare and Education
Child Welfare and Education
Health and Medical Research
Health and Medical Research
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Cultural History and Landmark Preservation
Nature Centers, Botanical Gardens, and Environmental Protection
Peace, Love and Shelter
Peace, Love, and Shelter
Disaster Relief and International Development
Humanitarian Aid and Famine Relief