Connecting With Nature

"Exploring the outdoors is a connection waiting to happen!"


Plan an adventure that takes you outdoors and allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature. Listen to the peace and calm of the trees and explore a side you never knew you had. Escape to a world of bliss somewhere in nature, anywhere in the world, all available in one place with Alternative Perspective Travel!

Get lost in nature somewhere wild!

Bergen to Hardangerfjord!

Norway Dream Tour!

Venture to castles, gardens and a waterfall!

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Baobab Tree Experience!

Madagascar Full Adventure!

See wildlife at Kirindy Reserve and more!

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Ride horses and camels!

Experience True Mongolia!

Stay with local nomads and visit monasteries,!

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Find a location you thought you would never go!

Grand Canyon, Arizona
Grand Canyon
Himalayn Mountains
New Zealand
New Zealand

"Connect with nature and relax in luxury!"

An immersion in nature!

Luxury Nature Retreat in Abruzzo!

Everyday we will practice yoga, and meditation!

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A new side of Nassau!

Nassau Nature Charter!

Views of the ocean, beaches and Mangrove forest!

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Dive at Etosha National Park!

Nature Lover Adventure Package!

Skydiving with video from jump!

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Ngorongoro Crater!

Tanzania Wildlife Adventure!

Explore the wild Tarangire National Park!

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Hot air Ballooning!

Namibia Dreamscape Tour!

Catamaran cruise with Dolphins!

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Explore jungle trails and caves!

Malaysia Rain Forest Tour!

Visit the Lembah Bujang Archeological Museum!

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"Go somewhere unforgettable and amazing!"

Over 7000 animals!

Pilanesberg Nature Escape!

See Sun City and Pilanesberg National Park!

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Las Peñitas beach!

Juan Venado Island Paradise!

View a sea turtle nursery and nature reserve!

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Explore San Rafael!

San Rafael Dream Tour!

Navigate the landscape of eastern Antioquia!

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See a desert castle!

Azraq Wetlands Dream Trip!

Blaze tracks on the Mudflat biking trail!

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A different Algarve!

Nature Reserve Dream Tour!

Far from the hustle and bustle of the beaches!

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Private tour of Coba!

Punta Luguna Nature Tour!

Visit an ancient Maya city!

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Explore Puerto Maldonado!

Tambopata Nature Tour!

Adventure through the Peruvian Jungle!

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A rainforest escape!

Mahbourg and Port Louis Tour!

Explore Mahébourg’s Naval Museum!

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A true nomads dream!

Tuv Province Adventure!

See wild sheep, gazelles, fox, and more!

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Alternative Perspective Travel has partnered with the industry leaders in hospitality.  If you are looking for anything from a secluded camping location to an over night couch-surfing host, we have the connections.  We do group bookings, and have room for every budget from a single to executive luxury suites.  You always get the best options available with no mark up charges!

Save up to 70% per night on every!

Alternative Perspective Travel has partnered with the industry leaders in tours and luxury properties.  Everything from exotic white sandy beaches to Caribbean sunsets, it is all at your fingertips.  We do wedding parties, and have dream adventures for every budget and lifestyle. You will always get the best vacations available with no mark up charges! 

Save up to 35% per vacation!

"Hike among the natural wonders in the most beautiful places on earth!"

See an ancient castle!

Private Arizona Dream Tour!

Tour five National Monuments in Arizona!

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1000-year-old trees!

Muir Woods National Park Tour!

Wander the Northern California Redwoods!

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Tongass National Forest!

Misty Fjords Seaplane Tour!

90-minute Alaskan scenic flight!

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Explore an Island paradise!

Hawaii Nature Dream Tour!

Hawaii’s most recognized landmark!

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Kick start your vacation!

White water adrenaline tour!

Arkansas River rafting tour down Brown's Canyon!

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Valles Caldera volcano!

Bandelier Monument Tour!

Explore ancient Anasazi ruins!

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Deserts of Sedona!

Glen Canyon Dream Tour!

Escape to the desert red rock of Sedona!

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South Dakota Adventure!

Black Hills South Dakota!

See the iconic Mt. Rushmore National Memorial!

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Waterfalls and volcanos!

Big Island Adventure Tour!

Explore beautiful rugged Hawaiian landscapes!

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Everything For Your Nature Adventures!

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"Its time to take the trip of your dreams and celebrate life!"

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary!

Mt. Wellington Summit Tour!

View Tasmania's unique animals!

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Apex cats and predators!

South Africa Wildlife Tour!

Get great wildlife photos of wild animals!

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Belize river valley!

Belize Baboon Sanctuary Trip!

See howler monkeys, baboons, and wildlife!

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See Elephants up close!

Kuala Gandah Elephant Sanctuary!

Tour Batu Caves to explore Hindu shrines!

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98,000 acre jaguar reserve!

Belize Wildlife Sanctuary Tour!

Wander Mount Victoria, waterfalls, and river trails!

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Guided Winter Wildlife Tour!

Wildlife Sanctuary Tour!

Wildlife of the Alaskan Chugach Mountains!

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BC wildlife rehabilitation center!

British Columbia Wildlife Tour!

See the only Kermode Bear in human care!

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See orangutans up close!

Malaysia Wildlife Refuge Trip!

Biggest Orangutan Rehab Center in Sarawak!

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Over 50 wild animal species!

Ranua Arctic Wildlife Visit!

Discover more authentic Arctic scenes!

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Traveling is more fun when you are well-prepared.  Take all the worry out of your next trip with our travel partners.  We have everything from new clothes to travel insurance.  You will save big by planning ahead and buying everything at a deep discount!

Save on everything travel related!

Looking for a quick getaway? Check out the informative blogs from our travel partner’s for tips on finding a beautiful location.  Once your choice is set, find a match  to a unique adventure package put together by specialist to get the best value possible.

Save up to 30% per adventure!

You have taken care of everyone, now it is time to take care of yourself with a dream trip to a beautiful location.

South Africa's Wild Coast!

Safari and St. Lucia Boat Ride!

The Hluhluwe-Imfolozi game reserve!

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8-Day Safari!

Uganda Safari Tour!

Wander through Bwindi Impenetrable National Park!

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Spot koalas, kangaroos, and more!

Byron Bay Wildlife Safari!

Tour a eucalypt rainforest and grassland!

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2 nights accommodations!

Mukumi National Park Safari!

See giraffes, zebras, lions, and more!

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Elephants, hippos, rhinos, and more!

Breathtaking Kenya Safari!

Amboseli, Nakuru, and Masai Mara National Parks!

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Horse riding experience!

Trevena Glen Animal Experience!

Lend a hand at the Brisbane animal farm!

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Saltstraumen whirlpools!

Moose Safari in Norway!

Seethe largest land animal in Europe!

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Busauanga Town Tour!

Calauit Island Safari

Go on an adventure to Conception Falls!

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Spot over 5,00 animals!

Singapore River Safari!

Experience the world’s iconic Yangtze and Nile river!

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