Wildlife Sanctuaries

"Have an adventure where wildlife roam free."

Henry Dorley Zoo Omaha Nebraska

“Natural habitats are being destroyed at an alarming rate.   As the environments slowly disappear, so do the animals along with them.  Many species are now on the  endangered list of going extinct and only found in zoos or in protected wildlife sanctuaries around the world. Make lasting memories by visiting these amazing places!

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Wildlife Sanctuary Index!
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Animal Migration Safaris!

Discover the iconic Maasai Mara on a 3-day safari!

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Family Fun!

Ranua Wildlife Park!

Hike through the Lappish woods and meet polar bears, reindeer, and more!

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Natural Delhi, India!

Jungle tour of Rajasthan!

The most sought-after perspective of Ranthambore National Park!

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98,000 acre jaguar reserve!

Belize Wildlife Sanctuary Tour!

Wander Mount Victoria, waterfalls, and river trails!

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See orangutans up close!

Malaysia Wildlife Refuge Trip!

Biggest Orangutan Rehab Center in Sarawak!

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A three hour guided tour!

Endangered Cheetah Rescue Center!

See cheetahs, African wild dogs, and wild cats!

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Apex cats and predators!

South Africa Wildlife Tour!

Get great wildlife photos of wild animals!

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Belize river valley!

Belize Baboon Sanctuary Trip!

See howler monkeys, baboons, and wildlife!

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Guided Winter Wildlife Tour!

Wildlife Sanctuary Tour!

Wildlife of the Alaskan Chugach Mountains!

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