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Trip Preparation

A great way to decide where to go is to start with a place you have never been before! Why not go for a place off the map and different. Or decide based on what scenery you enjoy most. Mountains or beach, sea or land, desert or deserted island? If you need some inspiration to decide, consult our travel guides and maps page to start a search for your next destination! 

Generally most travel outside of your home country will require a passport. You will need to do a bit of research on entry requirements to the country you wish to travel to. In addition some international countries require only a passport while others require a passport and a valid visa before entry is permitted. Consult our international travel advisories page for more information on the country you’re interested in!

How To Get There

You are in luck! A.P. Travel USA offers a variety of partners to help you find the best rates for your flights. Depending where you are traveling to, feel free to compare pricing between all of our partners to see which flight provider offers the best rates and dates for your trip. Consult our discount airfare page here to start your search!

To avoid the hassle and stress of sorting out transportation upon arrival, it is much easier to pre-arrange transportation so you have peace of mind and a safe means to get to your accommodation. A.P. Travel offers transporation by whatever means you are comfortable with. It is important to think about safety and time of arrival to determine what works best for you!

Where To Stay

The time to book your accommodations can be done in advance or upon arrival depending on the occasion for your travel. If you are traveling during a public holiday or for a big event for example, booking well in advance is smart. However, if you are traveling in an off season you will generally have no troubles finding an accommodation at any time. Rates will vary depending on what your style is! Consult our booking options and you can be sure to find the best price!

For those that want to live like the locals for a night, checking out alternative styles of accommodation is a great way to learn about local culture and experience something new. Popularly used sites like AirBnb and are quite safe and often just as easy to find as hotels or hostels. A.P. Travel offers accommodation options to meet every traveler’s needs and preferences!

What To Bring

Regardless where you are traveling to, you can generally find anything you will need so don’t stress and end up overpacking. A good rule of thumb is to pack your bag based on what you know you will use, not what you think you might need. Pack clothing in outfits, not in single pieces. Take shoes for specific occasions as to not take too many pairs. This will cut down on the weight of your luggage. The most important items to remember are your passport, a second form of photo ID, and either cash, a debit card, or both just to be safe. 

If your luggage is lost in transit, contact the airline you’re flown with directly as soon as you can. If you cannot call, every terminal should have a specific office to do this in person and they will help to start locating your luggage. To avoid this dilemma along with an ID tag, a great habit to get into while traveling is to put something distinct on your bag, like a ribbon for example, to help identify which is yours. In the case of your luggage getting lost, something distinct for the airline to look out for will help find the bag faster and an ID tag will make it easier to contact you when the bag is found. 

The Travel Circle

The Travel Circle is a unique community for travelers to connect and be a part of something more. To utilize your skills and talents and pursue what you are passionate about. Its about joining a mission to truly make a difference in the world and creating a life for yourself. Its about earning true, freedom. 

If you would like to learn more about the Travel Circle and what we can do for you, please refer to this page here or click down below. See you soon!

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