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Travel Partner

As a Travel Partner, you share in the success of Alternative Perspective Travel with a Free Partner Page, plus Free access to our exclusive Travel Planner to save time and money on all your adventures. You get unlimited access to our Travel Circle and possible Free Travel Perks from our Business Partners.  We bring the best travel providers, tour operators, airfare options and discount lodging- all in one place. In addition to getting discount prices on everything travel related, we make it easy to plan your next trip. Our dynamic Travel Planner, provides all the research, driving directions, guides, amazing deals, and over twenty million attractions to help you plan the perfect trip at the best possible value. With an Alt Perspective Travel Partner Subscription, every beautiful place in the world is now within reach – start planning a New Adventure today!

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Travel Consultant

Take the next step in your partnership with Alternative Perspective Travel and be a Travel Consultant.  This is a perfect position for those wanting extra income.  As a consultant, you will receive higher commissions and have more opportunities at consistent revenue streams while you work the hours that fit in with your lifestyle.  You chose how fast you want to increase your income. Whether it is just a few hours a week or going full-time to replace your main source of income.  You can work from home or while you are traveling and seeing the world.  Alt Perspective Travel provides you all the tools and resources so you can build the future you want to have.

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Content Provider

Alternative Perspective Travel is an open-source travel site. We feature photography and travel blogs from all over the world. Potential travelers can do all of their research on one site to save time and money.  They can find the perfect place for a romantic dinner or quiet park, luxurious accommodations, or go off the beaten path.  As a Content Provider, it is your words and art work that let new travelers see the world through your eyes. We provide a new platform to showcase your best work to the right audience looking for it! You can earn high commissions back when potential customers use your content to make decisions on their next weekend trip or dream vacation. 

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Travel Agent

With many jobs, you work most of the year so you can have a few weeks off to travel.  As an agent with Alternative Perspective Travel, your career objective is to See the World and help others do the same.  The more adventures you have, the better you can help your clients plan the perfect trip.  Here at Alt Perspective Travel we remove all the financial burdens and location restrictions so you have more time to enjoy life.  With our career planner, we help you attain all the travel designations you need to be successful.  If there is such a thing as a dream job, being a Alt Travel Agent come close to perfection.  Life should be an adventure… are you ready to take the first step?    

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Business Partner

Building strong partnership with businesses around the world is one of our founding principles.  Our business program combines access to unlimited potential customers, money saving discounts, and steady revenue streams that no other company can offer. We provide your business the tools and a unique Travel Partner Page to grow your business without the overhead costs and advertisements expenses others ask of you.  On top of the perks received for being a part of our Travel Circle, we reach out to YOU first to build customized trips for our guests so you can generate more income and double the traffic seeing your products. 

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