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Building a strong partnership with businesses around the world is one of our founding principles. Our business program combines access to unlimited potential customers, money saving discounts, a complete booking system, customer tracking tools, and steady revenue streams that no other company can offer. We provide your business the tools and unique profile page to grow without the overhead costs others ask of you. On top of the benefits received for being in our Travel Circle, we reach out to you first to build customized trips for our guests so you can generate more income and double the traffic seeing your products. After you join the Travel Circle, we ask that you validate your account to assure there are no spam, bot, or fake accounts being created. Down below you can explore all the niches that may fit your business and read the details on all the perks you get for being a Business Partner! We want You to be on their radar when a guest is ready to book these awesome services!

Exclusive Perks Of Being A Business Partner

Unlimited Opportunity

  • A time-stamped place in the Travel Circle as soon as your account is validated so you can take advantage of all the benefits available.
  • Earn residual income. You receive a share of our monthly bonus pool- generated from every sales commission through our affiliate partners, or partner subscription.
  • No withholding period for sales generated! As soon as sales from your services are finalized, we pay out directly to you.

50% Instant Bonus On Your Business Partner Subscription

  • Plus receive a bonus of 6 months free - (For a limited time only).
  • As a Business Partner, you receive wholesale prices on everything travel related. Plus earn a 30% bonus on all subscriptions generated through your creative link platforms.
  • A 30% bonus on all subscription renewals. Change your email list into a lucrative downlink network.

Custom Business Partner Page

  • Free placement on all business directories associated with your city, state and country to showcase your business or services to unlimited potential customers.
  • Includes our exclusive advertising program- which lets you generate unique creative link platforms other partners can share on their social media to generate new unlimited sources of revenue for your business.
  • Access to your own Business Partner profile page where you can add your favorite photos of your products or services, menus, reviews, awards, exclusive creative link platforms and let other partners know a little about your business. This is your area to showcase your services.

Growth Potential

  • Free listing on our Business Partner directory.
  • Turn your customers into a valuable network that pays you commissions every time they travel. As a Business Partner- you receive a lifetime sponsor bonus on all 2nd and 3rd tier subscriptions on your downlink network
  • Free license rights to use our shareable creative links from our inspiration and charity libraries to drive recruits and sales straight to your business!
  • Have more financial freedom to do what you love without the overhead cost of expensive website hosting, social media ad placement and brand marketing.

Access To Our Travel Planner

  • Access to our unique travel planner where you can find the best prices on 24 million attractions, restaurants, and accommodations.
  • Plan your dream trip using our travel planner and save valuable time by finding everything you want all in one place.
  • Book with ease knowing you are getting wholesale travel agent prices plus monthly bonuses to save for your next amazing adventure!

See The World

  • As you travel and take amazing photos and videos, make sure to use our creative link generator to embed your partner code before sharing to social media to drive traffic partner profile page!
  • Any content shared leading to a partner subscription earns you a downlink sponsor bonus of 30% when they join the Travel Circle.
  • Access to wholesale discounts on exclusive travel packages, car rental, airfare, and lodging worldwide!

What Is Your Niche?

Ivory Grille- Sedalia Missouri

Restaurants and Wineries

Jules J. Berta Vineyards

As a Business Partner with Alternative Perspective Travel, you have the opportunity to showcase the cuisine everyone needs to try. Utilizing the graphic link coupon  generator from your profile page, you are able to feature instant discounts to guests to drive traffic to your business.  Once the transaction is complete, you receive your payment.  We do not hold your sales for a 60 to 90 day period like others, and we aren’t a middle man that will take the majority of a cut from your sales.  You choose what graphic link coupons you want to offer and the duration they are available to guest booking their travel.  We seek to provide an above and beyond experience for all our guests booking through us and we strive to do the same for all of our Business Partners. A top quality dining or tour experience from Business Partners within our community is the kind of memorable experience that will last a lifetime.  Become a Business Partner!

Charities and Non-Profits

Cultural History and Landmark Preservation

Our mission as a company is to ‘See the World. Change the World.’ Every Partner that joins our Travel Circle community has the opportunity at the very beginning to verify their account by choosing a charity they want to support. Our goal is to find a representative for these charities and non-profits groups to partner with us and create a page through our community. This page will serve as a platform to provide information about your cause and showcase awareness events that you choose to feature. We want to reach thousands of people to really make a difference. The more charities and non-profits we can partner with, the greater the positive change in this world!  Become a Business Partner!

Vacation Property Specialist

Vacation Properties

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An important part of booking travel is finding accommodations to stay at each night. There are plenty of resources to find affordable accommodations, but no resources bring them all to one place like Alternative Perspective Travel.  We seek to partner with hotel chains, bed and breakfast inns, vacation properties, and independent home rentals to offer affordable accommodations that every guest will be comfortable with.  When a guest is looking accommodations in a certain area, your vacation property will be featured first showing your terms, availability and rates. If you choose to run a special promotion, your business can utilize our custom graphic link coupons and feature them on your profile page. Our goal is to have real time pricing and availability, with a variety of options so every guest can find what they are looking for and the Business Partners in our community have greater profits on each booking.  Become a Business Partner!

Tour Guides and Services

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Are you an adventure enthusiast, thrill seeker, athlete, or explorer? Perhaps you want to show the world its okay to push your limits and try something you have never done before? It sounds like you are the Business Partner we are looking for to showcase your awesome guided tours and services! When a guest is looking to book a trip, your services will be featured in the city you reside with the availability, booking, and pricing that you choose to offer. Not only will a greater volume of guests see your business profile page, but you don’t have to give a huge cut of your profits to a third party or rely on filtering all of the traffic to a solo site anymore. We are breaking the stigma that adventure is for experts. It’s also for beginners and anyone wanting to try something new so we want to partner with you!  Become a Business Partner!

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Charleston South Carolina

Note: A.P. Travel does not discriminate based on nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or religious beliefs.

There is endless potential of fun things you can do while traveling. This category is for all ages and all individuals because entertainment reaches to all areas of travel! We are looking for Business Partners that are in the market for fun, family-friendly activities, concerts and music festivals, animal exhibits, and more! You will have the opportunity to showcase all of the fun activities you want from your own business profile page. These activities are featured first in the city you reside so a larger volume of guests can find fun in every place they go!  Become a Business Partner!

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