Become A Business Partner

"The best move for your business, is taking the steps to help it."

What This Means:

1. Alt-Points

Alt-Points are a point system unique to the Travel Circle. Every positive interaction you make, every photo you upload, and more earns you Alt-Points! Points convert at 500 pts=$1.00, used to get free, fully planned day trips in our Alt-Venture Kits Shop!

2. Travel Deals

As a Business Partner in the Travel Circle, you will be invited to join our Insider’s Circle Newsletter filled with travel agent rates on vacations and tours, special flash deals, and coupons that your business can showcase and offer exclusively to Travel Circle partners.

3. Unique ID

Every Travel Circle partner is given a unique ID and partner affiliate URL link. This is your key to generating commissions to increase revenue for your business! Track your stats and engagement from all content that you share!

4. Advertising

Our entire Travel Circle is an ad-free space. Simply by sharing content related to your what your business can do, you are able to be noticed more effectively in our Live Travel Feed and we help advertise your content on our social channels as well!

5. Payouts

Getting paid is one of the biggest perks of using the Travel Circle! As a Business Partner, you make a 35% commission on every partner sign up you make, and increase your revenue opportunities by marketing special deals to other partners.

What Is Your Niche?

As a Business Partner with Alternative Perspective Travel, you have the opportunity to showcase the cuisine everyone needs to try. Utilizing your partner affiliate link is the best way to maximize your revenue and ability to earn money passively! As you are sharing beautiful photos of dishes you create and sharing about your new specials, attaching your partner affiliate link is just one extra step to increase the chances of making a commission. When your restaurant is hosting special promotions or deals that you want to make available exclusively to Travel Circle partners, we push your promotion out to our outside social media channels to widen the audience seeing your content. Not only will you be able to generate sales from the products you are selling, but you also have the passive income stream of the Travel Circle working for you too! A top quality dining experience from Business Partners within our community is the kind of memorable experience that will last a lifetime. Get started today and  Become a Business Partner!

An important part of booking travel is finding accommodations to stay at each night! There are plenty of resources to find affordable accommodations, but no resources bring them all to one place like Alternative Perspective Travel.  We seek to partner with hotel chains, bed and breakfast inns, vacation properties, and independent home rentals to offer affordable accommodations that every guest will be comfortable with. When a guest is looking for accommodations in a certain area, your vacation property will be featured first to display your terms, availability and rates to guests! If you choose to run a special promotion, your business can utilize your partner affiliate links to create special promotions and feature them on your profile page. Our goal is to have real time pricing and availability, with a variety of options so every guest can find exactly what they are looking for. Increase your guest list and create passive income for your business by Becoming a Business Partner!

Are you an adventure enthusiast, thrill seeker, or explorer? Do you have a desire to show the world its okay to push your limits and try something you new? It sounds like you are the Business Partner we are looking for to showcase your awesome guided tours and services! When a guest is looking to book a trip, your services will be featured in the city you reside in so any guests looking for awesome activities to do can find your services. Not only will a greater volume of guests see your business profile page, but you don’t have to give a huge cut of your profits to a third party or rely on filtering all of the traffic to a solo site anymore! We are breaking the stigma that adventure is for experts. It’s also for beginners and anyone wanting to try something new. On  top of being featured on our tour page, you also receive all of the benefits of being in the Travel Circle so you can create passive income for yourself. It’s time to scale up your audience by Becoming a Business Partner!

Our mission as a company is to ‘See the World. Change the World.’ A portion of all the sales we make as a company will be donated to our non-profit organization Umbrella of Dreams, which helps fund charities worldwide. Every partner that joins our Travel Circle community has the opportunity at the very beginning to choose a charity they want to support under this umbrella. Our goal is to find a representative for these charities and non-profits groups to partner with us and create a page through our community. This page will serve as a platform to provide information about your cause and showcase awareness events that you choose to feature! With a sponsor and leader to represent these organizations, guests and partners of our unique community can put a name to a face and help take part in your mission. We want to reach thousands of people to truly make a difference in the world! The more charities and non-profits we can partner with, the greater the positive change in this world!  Let us help you in your mission and Become a Business Partner!

No matter what business you have, there is a place for you in the Travel Circle! There are so many resources available and a network waiting to work for you to help your business scale up and grow.  If you truly take advantage of your Travel Circle partner profile and add your customizable partner affiliate links to all the content you are already sharing to promote your business, we guarantee you will see passive income for your business. We help promote your promotions and content for you as well to increase the reach of your audience and maximize your commissions! Scaling up your business is easy with the help of Alt Perspective Travel and the backing of the Travel Circle. Take a leap of faith and grow your business by Becoming a Business Partner!

Join Our Travel Network

Building a system of steady clients and passive income is one of the biggest advantages of being part of the Travel Circle. The network of people we partner with make the world of difference to all of our customers purchasing travel as well as help increase your network using your services. As our unique Travel Circle continues to grow, we strive to maintain meaningful connections around the world and continue providing value to all of our partners! As a Business Partner with Alt Perspective Travel, you not only receive exclusive access to every perk available to partners of the Travel Circle, you also receive higher commissions for every sign up you make! The potential to earn high commissions is not only attainable, but we give you the tools to assure your success with every interaction you make. We are here to assist your mission in any way that we can to increase your revenue streams and ultimately help you scale up your business. Taking a new step in your business can seem intimidating, but with access to advanced training and the backing of a company that supports you, there is no need to worry if this is the right move for you. It's time to stand out and create a revenue stream for your business that works hard for you. Why not take that leap of faith and try something that hasn't been done before. It might take some learning, but we are here for you. Are you ready for your business to reach the next level?