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Building a system of dependable, resourceful connections around the world is what makes our company so strong. The network of people we partner with make the world of difference to all of our customers purchasing travel. As The Travel Circle continues to grow, we strive to maintain meaningful connections around the world! As a Travel Consultant with A.P. Travel USA, you not only receive exclusive access to every perk available to partners of the Travel Circle, you are also the sponsor for any Business Partner you sign up. The potential to earn high commissions is not only attainable, but we give you the tools to assure your success with every interaction you make! Your ability to connect with people and utilize resources can lead you to a path of success in a full time career you love! Are you ready for the adventure? After you join the Travel Circle, we ask that you validate your account to assure there are no spam, bot, or fake accounts being created. A drop down menu during the process provides a description for each charity category that may fit your interests. We want YOU to be the face of the company making meaningful connections everywhere you go. Alternative Perspective Travel provides several revenue sources that allow you to do what you love, while you share your talents and build a lucrative down-link network. Now is the time to take the first steps to pursuing happiness while traveling the world!

Exclusive Perks Of Being A Travel Consultant:

Unlimited Opportunity

  • A Time-Stamped place in the Travel Circle as soon as your account is validated
  • Complete access to your dashboard and commissions. There is no withholding period for sales generated within the Travel Circle! When your business connections make sales, you get your commissions right away.
  • You receive a share of our monthly bonus pool- generated from every sales commission and partner subscription.
  • No expensive startup cost. No cash draining inventory to buy. No mandatory purchases. No hassles or time-wasting meetings.
  • No high-pressure selling, or trying to talk friends and family into hosting parties.

50% Instant Bonus On Your Partner Subscription

  • Receive a Bonus of 6 Months Free on your Travel Partner Subscription- (For a limited time only).
  • As a consultant, you receive a 25% bonus on all commissions generated by Business Partner subscriptions using your custom code.
  • A lifetime sponsor bonus on all the subscriptions earned by 2nd tier partners in the Travel Circle.
  • Receive a 25% bonus on any of your creative link content shared on other social media platforms that leads to partner subscriptions.
  • Note: A.P. Travel does not discriminate based on nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or religious beliefs.

Custom Travel Consultant Page

  • Access to your Travel Consultant profile page with information about your travel adventures, photos, blog entries, and future travel plans.
  • Drive recruits and sales to your page with customized creative link platforms created with your own photos.
  • Connect with other partners utilizing the A.P. Travel USA live travel forum accessible through your partner profile page.

Growth Potential

  • We give you a free listing on our Travel Consultant directory so you can build a lucrative down-link network!
  • We provide all the tools you need to recruit travel related businesses, restaurants, tour guides, and wineries into the Travel Circle and part of your down-link network.
  • License rights to use our shareable creative link platforms from our Inspiration Library to drive recruits and sales straight to your partner page!

Access to Our Travel Planner

  • Access to our unique Travel Planner where you can find the best prices on 24 million attractions, restaurants, and accommodations.
  • Plan your dream trip using our Travel Planner and save valuable time by finding everything you want all in one place.
  • Book with ease knowing you are getting wholesale travel agent prices PLUS receiving monthly bonuses back on everything you book.

See the World

  • As you travel and share your amazing photos on social media, everything you share is custom coded to your partner profile page!
  • Any content shared leading to a subscription sale within the Travel Circle earns you a downlink bonus of 25% PLUS a recurring lifetime bonus when they renew with our Travel Circle Network!
  • Have more freedom to do what you love with the backing of a company that supports your endeavors for success!

What Is Your Niche?

Recruit Restaurants and Wineries

Would you consider yourself a food enthusiast or a practiced wine Sommelier? Your knowledge of cuisine variety, flavors, and overall experience is exactly what we are looking for as a Travel Consultant for restaurants and wineries. Guests and Partners of A.P. Travel USA are looking for your honest opinions to decide where to take their appetites! Your role as a Travel Consultant in this niche is to recruit restaurants and wineries with top quality flavors that draw customers in and create a wonderful experience for all of their guests. As you are traveling to find the best restaurants and wineries, all businesses that you recruit lands you serious commissions back with a lifetime sponsor bonus every time that business makes sales. On top of the lucrative commissions you receive for every business you recruit, you also get all the benefits for joining the Travel Circle including instant and monthly bonuses. While you travel, you also get to enjoy the delicious cuisine and refreshing wines as well!  Become a Travel Consultant Now!

Vacation Property Specialist

Are you a familiar traveler using popular home rental sites such as  Couchsurfing, or Home Away? Perhaps you enjoy the finer experience and amenities hotels have to offer? When it comes to accommodations, Alternative Perspective Travel, strives to make it easier for guests and partners to find exactly what they are looking for to rest your head at night. Your role as a Travel Consultant for Vacation Property Specialist, is to recruit owners of bed and breakfast inns, destination vacation resorts, hotel chains, and independent home rental properties to give all of our guests a comfortable, variety of options to choose from when they book accommodations. Any properties you recruit, earns you a lifetime sponsor bonus for each booking made, including all the benefits for joining the Travel Circle.  Plus you are eligible for instant and monthly bonuses as well! Start building a lucrative down-link network as a vacation property specialist!  Become a Travel Consultant Now!

Social Influencer

Do you have an impact on a specific niche related to the travel industry?  Alternative Perspective Travel is looking for influencers connected to key consumer groups, industry associations or those who have built a trusted following in one or more social media outlets.  We provide new sources of revenue and all the tools to change your followers into a lucrative down-link network in which you will receive a lifetime sponsor bonus on all of subscription renewals and monthly bonuses on travel purchases within the Travel Circle.   As a Travel Consultant, you will never pay retail again for anything travel related, plus receive monthly bonuses back on everything from within the Travel Circle.  The content you post with social media becomes even more valuable through A. P. Travel USA.  It is time to take your career to the next level and influence others so they can better their lives while making a lasting imprint with charities around the world.   Become a Travel Consultant Now!

Recruit Tour Guides and Services

In the past, have you taken an unforgettable tour or enjoyed a special occasion enhanced by a specialist in the travel industry?  As a Travel Consultant with Alternative Perspective Travel, you can recruit these amazing people and make them part of your Down-link Network.  We have the best system available to drive new customers to their businesses and then keep those connections as their own Network.  With our customized Partner Profile Pages, we provide the tools to create Graphic Link Coupons that can be shared out into social media.  You receive a Lifetime Sponsor Bonus on all sales within the Travel Circle.  You can also share their Graphic Link Coupons with your Partner code for greater commissions.  As their businesses and services continue to grow, so do your commissions.  

Become a Travel Consultant Now!

Create A New Travel Category

Do you have a specific hobby or passion that involves traveling?  Are you a train enthusiast, nature lover, genealogy researcher, writer, photographer, and are you connected to others that share your same goals? As a Travel Consultant with Alternative Perspective Travel, you will never pay retail again while also receiving commissions back on everything travel purchased within the Travel Circle.   We have all the tools to help plan your trip so you spend less time getting there and more with your hobby.   Building strong partnership with travelers around the world is one of our founding principles.  Our Travel Consultant program combines access to unlimited potential connections related to your interest, money saving discounts, and steady revenue streams that no other company can offer. We provide you the tools and partner profile page to grow your hobby without the overhead costs others ask of you.  On top of the perks received for being our Travel Circle, we reach out to You first to build customized trips and advice in your area of expertise for our guests.  Now is the time to take your hobbies and zest for life to the next level!  Become a Travel Consultant Now!

Note: A.P. Travel does not discriminate based on nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, or religious beliefs.

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