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Alternative Perspective Travel is a full-service, open source travel site where potential travelers can do all of their research on one site to save time and money. We feature exclusive trips, adventures, photography, and travel blogs from all over the world. As the first social media travel site, we provide a massive audience that is specifically looking for your unique content found on your customized partner page and featured site wide for the world to see! Becoming a Content Provider with A.P. Travel USA lets travelers see the world through your eyes while also rewarding you with commissions, bonuses, and a residual income. When travelers use your content to make decisions on their next weekend trip or dream vacation, you benefit and so does a charity you believe in! After you join the Travel Circle, we ask that you validate your account to assure there are no spam, bot, or fake accounts being created. Below is a description for each category or niche that may fit your interests. Take your talents to the next level as a Content Provider with A.P. Travel USA!

Exclusive Perks Of Being A Content Provider

Unlimited Opportunity

  • A time-stamped place in the Travel Circle as soon as your account is validated so you can take advantage of all the benefits!
  • You receive instant bonus money on every partner that joins the Travel Circle through your content.
  • You receive a share of our monthly bonus pool- generated from every travel sales commission through our affiliate partners and on all travel partner subscriptions.
  • No withholding period for commission! As soon as commissions from your content are finalized, we credit your account.

50% Instant Bonus On Your Content Provider Subscription!

  • A bonus of 6 months free on your subscription- (For a limited time only).
  • As a Content Provider, you receive a 30% bonus on all commissions generated by subscriptions to the Travel Circle using your partner code.
  • A lifetime sponsor bonus on all 2nd and 3rd tier partners of your downlink network
  • Receive a 30% bonus for any of your creative link content shared on other social media platforms that leads to partner sign ups.

Custom Travel Consultant Page

  • Access to your Content Provider dashboard customized with information about your niche, photos, and blog posts.
  • Drive traffic using our creative link platforms to earn even more commissions in sponsor bonuses!
  • Connect with other partners utilizing the travel blogs and forums where you can showcase your best work!

Growth Potential

  • Turn your followers into a lucrative down-link network and have your beautiful content seen by a larger audience.
  • Top priority location placement which showcases your content to the location and niches you specialize in.
  • Free license rights to use our shareable creative links from our inspiration and charity libraries to attract recruits!

Access To Our Travel Planner

  • Access to our unique travel planner where you can find the best prices on 24 million attractions, restaurants, and accommodations.
  • Plan your dream trip using our travel planner and save valuable time by finding everything you want all in one place.
  • Book with ease knowing you are getting wholesale travel agent prices, plus receiving monthly bonuses to save for your next adventure!

See The World

  • As you travel, turn your content into a creative link platform and share to our Travel Circle and then to your social media, everything you share is custom coded with your unique travel partner code!
  • Have more freedom to do what you love without the overhead cost of website hosting and brand marketing on your shoulders.
  • Start seeing the world, having unlimited adventures and all the financial freedom you always wanted.

What Is Your Niche?

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Social Media Influencer

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Social Media maintains the leading way to reach potential customers and showcase creative talents. Whether you primarily utilize Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snap Chat, etc if you aren’t a top social media influencer it can be hard to receive a worthwhile return for your efforts. To make it worth your effort social media platforms pressure you to pay for ad placement and promise a higher return if you do. We won’t ask that of you here. Your primary role as a social media influencer is to post as often as you can to your favorite social media platform either with your own content or content from our inspirational and charity library. We do ask that the posts not contain slander, inappropriate or offensive language, or obscene images as you will be representing yourself and A.P. Travel. Each post will be copyright protected to your personal member ID leading back to your own page. Every post that generates a sale earns you a commission back, plus you receive a residual income in the background in bonuses from us, AND all of the perks received for being in the Travel Circle!  Become a Content Provider Now!.

Travel Photographer

Bingil Bay- Mission Beach, Queensland

If you love traveling and you love photography, why not combine both AND get paid for it? There are billions of places to be explored in this world and we cannot reach them all by ourselves. On top of the perks received for being in the travel circle, we reach choose YOUR photos first to be the featured photography in places around the world!  Not only is it is gratifying to see your photography be featured anywhere in the public eye but now you can have the freedom traveling and doing what you love!  Your primary role as a travel photographer is to see the world, take beautiful photos, and submit content to be reviewed and published. Every featured photo leading to a sale means a commission back to you, a residual income in the background in bonuses from us, on top of all of the perks received for being in the Travel Circle!  Become a Content Provider Now!

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Travel Blogger

Nine Mile- New Zealand

Travel blogging can be a lucrative way for travelers to earn an income on the road whether by paid sponsorships, freelance writing, public speaking or mentorship. One problem is this field is heavily saturated and it can be difficult to get traffic filtered to your site and set yourself apart. With A.P. Travel we give you the site and filter the traffic for you so you see a higher return for your efforts. Your primary roll as a travel blogger is to write creative short articles about an interest you have a passion for, submit content to be reviewed and published, and share on your favorite social media platform. Every piece shared on social media or published through our site that generates a sale means you earn higher commissions back than anyone else can offer! On top of that you receive perks just for being in the Travel Circle and a residual income in the background in bonuses from us. Its a win win!  Become a Content Provider Now!

Travel Writer

Bohol Private Tour!

A.P. Travel USA is taking a love for traveling and writing to the next level. Your thoughtfully worded posts and articles are needed more than ever and we want your voice to be heard. An essential way to receive information is by reading and it is a field that deserves more recognition. One problem in the field today is online article posts are heavily distracting due to obnoxious ads. We value the time it takes to create a work of art such as a writing piece and we want to reward you for that without burying your work with nasty ads. Your primary role as a travel writer is to prepare content fitting for a specific interest you have a passion for and submitting content to be reviewed and published. Published content is featured to the general public which means every piece leading to a sale generates a commission back to you, a residual income in the background in bonuses from us, PLUS all of the perks just for being in the Travel Circle!  Become a Content Provider Now!

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One of the most effective ways to determine whether a product, service, or place is legitimate is reading reviews. A solid, honest review can be the deciding factor between earning a new guest’s business or turning them away. We welcome all reviews as long as they are written with integrity from the person who actually experiences it. The primary role of a rewiewer with A.P. Travel is to try out new businesses or services and write a real time review of what it is like. Your honest reviews can be the reason a guest chooses that experience which means you earn a commission back! Plus you also recieve a residual income in the background in bonuses from us, on top of all the perks of being in the Travel Circle.  Become a Content Provider Now!

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