Validate Your Account

How to Validate your Account!

Now it is time to Validate your account and join our Travel Network.  This will insure payments for all of your Bonuses and Commissions.   Please Click the Paypal Icon to Create or Copy your Paypal payment email.  Once you have your Paypal payment email- please private message us on or email it to so we can add it to your Partner Profile.   

Please Connect your current Paypal account or create a new one!

Why do I need to Validate My Account?

* This process helps A. P. Travel USA weed out all the fake accounts and bots from becoming part of the site.  It also ensures all commissions and bonus money will be going into your account properly. 

* By partnering with a World Class payment system such as Paypal, we can offer the best rates on transactions along with instant payments into your new Paypal account.

* Security: We have implemented every security major possible to keep your account safe.  We recommend you add your cell phone number to your account for a 2 Step Sign in process.  This will also alert you every time there is a sign on from a new machine.

Having trouble validating your account? Please let us know.


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