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We envisioned a different kind of travel company.  A place where you can dream and then work hard to make them come true.  A new network of synergy to erase the boundaries of what is possible.  A place where you can create friendships with other travelers both far and near.  Use strategic partnerships to save time and money and plan a dream trip to a beautiful location.   We want you to be able to See the World while changing it for the the better!

Worlds of innovation

A.P. Travel is on the cutting edge of technology.  Everything from the way we approach our business strategies to our state-of-the art Travel Planner  is innovative.   Our pledge is to continue to offer the best value and customer service in the industry.  

Time is money

Time is your most valuable asset.  It is finite and running out every day.  Spend it wisely, creating happy memories and making a difference in the world.  We have geared our entire process to making it easier to plan, budget and maximize the value for your travel adventures.  We put you on the road to success with our quick start, 10 week program after becoming a Travel Consultant.   Our main goal is your success so you can spend your time seeing the world.  

Hyde Park- Sydney, New South Wales
Garden of the Gids- Colorado

Location is everything

We are not promised tomorrow, so start traveling today!  Find beauty in your own home town.  Get out and take a walk, have a picnic, explore a new museum you have always been curious about.  Try that Mom and Pop place just around the bend.  Connect to wildlife at a park or nature reserve.  You don’t have to break the bank to find a new adventure.  Start seeing the world with a different attitude, with an eye to finding beauty wherever you are.   While you are out exploring, take pictures and and write down your thoughts.  Use this content to build Creative Link Platforms with us and then share them to the Travel Circle.  By sharing your work with other travelers, your Downlink Network will grow, allowing you to venture farther and farther to until your restless soul finds the place that soothes it!