Haunted And Abandoned

"Travel where this world overlaps another."


Completed in 1388, Bran Castle built high on a mountain edge along the Eastern border of Transylvania is one of the most infamous castles in the world.  It is widely known for its connection with the ruthless Vlad the Impaler, who was once imprisoned here and the basis for Bram Stoker’s famous novel, Dracula.

Private Bran Castle Tour!

Dracula's Castle Night Tour!

VIP Haunted Round Tower Tour!

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Bran Village Trek!

Transylvania Castle Tour!

Peles Castle (Sinaia) and Dracula's Castle (Bran) Tour!

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Historical Group Tour!

Bucharest Discovery Tour!

Tour both of Dracula's Castles!

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Vlad III’s Poenari Castle!

Dracula's Secrets Tour!

3 Transylvanian highlights in 1 day!

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Romania’s medieval legends!

Vlad the Impaler Ruins!

See Vidraru Dam and Wallachian highlights!

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Explore Brașov’s landmarks!

Dracula Castle and Brascov Tour!

Bran Castle, Black Church and Rope Street!

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“Legend has it that the dense forest growing upon the lava beds from the last eruption of Mt. Fuji is haunted by (Yurei) ghost from those that have perished here.  While some come here for the 300 year old trees, majestic views of the most famous mountain in Japan and to explore the Narusawa ice cave, others want to investigate the persistent rumors of experience the paranormal activity.

Jukai (Sea of trees) Adventure!

Aokigahara Forest Ice Cave!

3-hour adventure to an ice cave!

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Tour the primeval forest!

Aokigahara Wanderer Tour!

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park!

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Lake Kawaguchi Tour!

Private Mt Fuji Adventure!

Aokigahara Jukai forest, and Itchiku Kubota art museum.

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Haunted Aokigahara Forest!

Mt Fuji Dream Tour!

Japan’s iconic Mt. Fuji Tour!

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Ghost of Ochiai Bridge!

Kyota Ghost Tour!

Haunted Adashino-Nembutsuji Temple!

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Custom Mt Fuji Tour!

Japan Dream Adventure!

Explore all the haunted spot in Japan!

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“Named the “Island of Pelicans” by a Spanish explorer, the desolate outcrop protruding up from the bay has changed over the years from a military garrison to one of the most notorious Federal Penitentiaries in United States history.  During its operational years, the “rock” housed some of the most violent criminals in the system including Al Capone and Machine Gun Kelly.  Now it is a National Park and home to countless water fowl and heirloom flora.  Rumors of paranormal events from its violent past persist to this day and make Alcatraz a must see when visiting San Francisco, California. 

Acaltraz adventure!

Ultimate San Fran Adventure!

9-hour San Francisco sightseeing tour!

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Haunted Alcatraz Adventure!

San Fran Big Bus Tour!

Golden Gate Bridge, Union Square, Pier 39 and Lombard Street!

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Haunted Alcatraz Tour!

San Francisco Treasures Tour!

Muir Woods and San Francisco Dungeon!

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Spend Halloween in a dungeon!

San Francisco Dungeon Tour!

200 years of San Francisco’s dark history!

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Dark Secrets of San Fran!

San Francisco Vampire Tour!

Haunted Grace Cathedral and Fairmont Hotel!

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Chinatown ghost tour!

Haunted China Town Adventure!

Learn about San Francisco's haunted side!

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“Come explore places that time has forgot.  Once inhabited, they have long since been abandoned except by the ghost of the past still drifting between this world and the next.

Cursed for over 200 years!

Cursed and Haunted Village Tour!

Tour the cursed village of Kuldhara!

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Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Tour!

Abandoned Disaster Site Tour!

Red Forest and the abandoned city of Pripyat!

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Ancient Mtsketa city tour!

Haunted and Abandoned Fortress!

Jvari monastery tour included!

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Ghost factory of Armenia!

Abandoned Soviet Factory!

Kobayr Monastery is included!

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Old colonial harbor of Nuuk!

Desolate Abandoned Settlement!

Explore the ghost village of Kangeq!

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Old and abandoned trains!

Ghostly Train Cemetery!

Oldest Famous Train Cemetery in Uyuni!

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“Experience the paranormal with brave guides that show you the most haunted places in the world.  Alternative Perspective Travel always has the best trips available for ghost hunters and explorers of outer realms beyond the known universe!”

London's most haunted places!

London Ghost Tour!

2.5-hour ghost walking tour of London!

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Bones and skulls of Parisians past!

Catacombs Tour in Paris!

Décures sculptures, the Sacellum Crypt!

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St Louis Cemetery No. 1!

New Orleans Voodoo Tour!

Voodoo Priestess Tour!

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Family friendly attraction!

Salem Ghost Tour!

8-12 different spooky sites around the city!

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Scottish capital’s grisly past!

Edinburgh Ghost and Torture Tour!

Edinburgh’s historic Old Town!

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Visit St. Nicholas Church and more!

Prague Ghost Walking Tour!

Prague’s sinister and spook-laden past!

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