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Research your trip with A.P. Travel USA. We provide tips, location information, pictures of must see places, along with blogs so you can get a first hand account of all the pros and cons before committing.
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Once you have a set date, go ahead and secure your airfare with us and choose the best accommodations to fit your budget. Add a spice of local flare with our unique tours from our Business Partners. Save money on all your meals with discount coupons with our featured restaurants and wineries and don’t forget to pre-book all activities to save time when you are traveling.
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Once your itinerary is set, decide how you want to get around your planned destination. Will you need a rental car? How about train tickets to explore the countryside and get you to the next destination? Take in an incredible view from the air with a balloon ride or a helicopter tour. Or how about renting a boat for an afternoon on the lake or ocean? A.P. Travel USA has all possible transportation options covered for you!
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Sahara Desert Adventure Tour!

Marrakech Plane Adventure!

Private flight with a Luxury camp experience!

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New Zealand’s highest mountain!

Mt Cook Ski Plane Tour!

Touchdown on the Tasman Glacier!

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Explore rugged lands of Kununurra!

Mitchell Falls Plane Tour

King George Falls, Wyndham Mud Flats, and more!

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Fly high over the canyon!

Grand Canyon Airplane Tour!

View the Colorado River and Hoover Dam!

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View the CN Tower!

Air Tour of Toronto!

Get an aerial view of Niagara Falls!

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See Miami by night!

Miami Sunset Air Tour!

See Downtown Miami, South Beach, and Star Island!

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Jet Radar
Cheap O Air
Air Malta
Soar above the Niagara River!

Niagara Falls Helicopter Tour!

American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls!

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See Miami’s breathtaking skyline!

Grand Miami Helicopter Tour!

Explore the Miami skyline and beyond!

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Alaskan Helicopter Adventure!

Seward Alaska Helicopter Tour!

Exploring an ice cave in Alaska!

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See the skyline of Milan at sunset!

Milan Helicopter Adventure!

Cathedral and the Castello Sforzesco!

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Admire Sydney’s skyline!

Sydney Harbor Helicopter Tour!

Coogee Beach, Bondi Beach, and Manly Cove!

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Aerial views high above!

Tour of Thousand Islands!

See St. Lawrence River and the Admiralty Islands!

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Have peace of mind and the convenience of storing your belongings safely.

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Soar above Rio de Janeiro!

Rio Hang Gliding Adventure!

Glide over the Mata Atlantica!

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Soar above Coronet Peak!

Queenstown Hang Gliding Tour!

One of the world's highest takeoff points!

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Soar above the Jungfrau region!

Interlaken Hang Gliding Tour!

Bird’s-eye views of lakes, mountains, and meadows!

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Enjoy fine views over Davos

Swiss Alps Paragliding Tour!

Soar above the valleys of the Swiss Alps!

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Glide above Reykjavik Iceland!

Iceland Paragliding Adventure!

See Skógafoss Waterfall and Sólheimajökull Glacier!

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A bird's eye adventure!

Gran Canaria Paragliding Tour!

Fly above Playa de las Canteras!

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Auto Europe
Ground Link
Easy Rent Cars
Car Rental 8
Fly above travertine pools!

Pamukkale Hot Air Balloon Flight!

Explore ancient ruins of Hierapolis, Turkey!

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1-hour balloon flight!

Paris Hot Air Balloon Tour!

Soar over Château de Fontainebleau countryside!

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Sunrise ride over South Dakota!

Black Hills Hot Air Balloon Ride!

Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial!

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Sweeping landscape views!

Cappadocia Balloon Ride!

Climb until 3000 feet from ground level!

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Soar through Andalucia skies!

Seville Balloon Ride!

See the sun rise over the mountains and rivers of Seville!

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Rio Grande Valley views!

Albuquerque Balloon Ride!

Colorful sunrise over the Sandia Mountains!

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