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"Design an adventure just for you." -

Hallstatt, Austria

Change your perspective today!

Everyone needs time to relax and unwind.  Traveling to a new destination to explore and reflect on life is good for the soul.  It is never too late to learn about new cultures, history, or your genealogy!  Make the decision to change your perspective, and let us help you plan a dream trip with discount airfare, exciting tours, amazing food, as well as safe and comfortable lodging- all within your budget!

“When you are ready for a moment in your life you will never forget, pick an unforgettable place to make it happen!”

Alternative Perspective Travel has partnered with the industry leaders in hospitality.  If you are looking for anything from a secluded camping location to an over night couch-surfing host, we have the connections.  We do group bookings, and have room for every budget from a single to executive luxury suites.  You always get the best options available with no mark up charges!

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Alternative Perspective Travel has partnered with the industry leaders in Tours and Luxury Properties.  Everything from exotic white sandy beaches to Caribbean sunsets, it is all at your fingertips.  We do wedding parties, and have dream adventures for every budget and lifestyle.  You will always get the best vacations available with no mark up charges! 

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See an unforgettable paradise!

Ultimate Bahamian Tour!

Combine snorkeling, parasailing, and a wave runner ride!

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Admire Lapland frozen wilderness!

Husky Safari Sled Ride!

View a winter landscape on a Husky powered sled ride!

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Experience two adventures in one!

Ultimate Punta Cana Escape!

Explore rugged rainforests and sail turquoise waters!

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See the longest glacier in Europe!

Jungfraujoch Alpine Day Trip!

Relax and admire beautiful panoramas of Swiss countryside!

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See Oahu's underwater marine life!

Oahu Atlantis Submarine Adventure!

View a panoramic marine environment!

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Off road rugged Cypriot landscapes!

Double Trouble Cyprus ATV Run!

Explore an adventurous alternative to beaches in Limassol!

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Traveling is more fun when you are well-prepared.  Take all the worry out of your next trip with our travel partners.  We have everything from new clothes to travel insurance.  You will save big by planning ahead and buying everything at a huge discount!

Save on everything travel related!

Looking for a quick getaway? Check out the informative blogs from our travel partner’s for tips on finding a beautiful location.  Once your choice is set, find a match  to a unique adventure package put together by specialist to get the best value possible.

Save up to 30% per adventure!

“By finding your past you expand your future!

Admire the diversity of marine life!

Underwater World of Yucatan!

Explore the mystical underground of Cancun!

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Experience a whole new world!

Underwater Art Museum and Cataraman!

Go sailing, snorkeling, and sightseeing at Isla Mujeres!

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Over 40 dives sites to choose from!

Two Tank Lanai Diving Escapade!

See native wildlife in their natural environment!

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Search for rarely seen critters!

Thrilling Maui Night Scuba Diving!

Experience the thrill of finding nocturnal marine life!

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Beginners welcome, guaranteed fun!

Guaynabo Scuba Diving Journey!

Explore the tropical Puerto Rican waters!

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Learn what scuba diving is about!

Discover The Thrill of Scuba!

Truly experience the first moments of breathing underwater!

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“Looking into the past gives you a new perspective for the future!”

Cycle the oldest desert in the world!

Ecological Namibian Cycling!

For the scenic appreciator and adrenaline seeker!

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Capture unparalleled views of stars!

Atacama Desert Stargazing Tour!

Learn from an astronomer about constellations!

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Drive an all-terrain quad bike!

Moroccan Dune Buggy Escape!

Escape to Morocco’s rugged desert landscapes!

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Packed with camel rides and more!

Guided Tour from Marrakech!

Travel from Marrakech through Southern Morocco!

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Take on 4WD rough terrain!

Sonoran Desert Night Tour!

See desert creatures that only come out at night!

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An unforgettable overnight dream!

Arabian Desert Camping Trip!

See a legendary ancient kingdom with magical sand dunes!

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Alternative Perspective Travel has built strategic partnerships with the leaders in the airfare industry.  Whatever airline you chose to get you there, we have you covered.  Find last minute discount deals through our powerful airfare brokers or book in advance straight from the airlines for big savings!

Save up to 40% each way!

Alternative Perspective Travel has partnered with the industry leaders in travel transportation. Whether you are looking to hire a car and drive from place to place on your own route or want to be chauffeured in a limousine; however you choose to travel we’ve got you covered!  Save money each way and everything in between!

Save up to 30% per day!

“When you explore a beautiful place far away, you find more than you could imagine!”

Fly through treetops!

Chiang Mai Ziplining Trek!

Experience an adrenaline-inducing canopy covering 3 miles!

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Swim and trek natural waterfalls!

Illawarra Rainforest Canyoning!

Go abseiling and rock climbing through waterfalls!

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Feel like you’re walking on air!

Arenal Hanging Bridges Walking Tour!

See exotic wildlife up close and enjoy amazing views!

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Plunge into a Maui adrenaline rush!

Rappelling Maui Rainforest Cliffs!

Enjoy the thrill of rappelling down scenic waterfalls!

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A dynamic rainforest view!

Tropical Queensland Escapade!

Experience the wildlife, sea, and rainforest!

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Hike 2.5-miles or longer!

Minyon Falls Scenic Walk!

Appreciate the beauty and unique wildlife along the way!

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“Explore worlds unknown to the human eye!”