Seeing A New Side of Sydney

Sydney, Australia An Iconic Cityscape Sydney, Australia is certainly an iconic, popular vacation destination for tourists as well as a home base to international travelers. While there are many sights that should not go unseen during your visit such as the … Read More

Lessons Learned From Australia

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The Barefoot Bushwalk

Cape Tribulation A Jungle Escape In one of the oldest World Heritage sites of the world, the Daintree Rainforest, you will find Cape Tribulation. This spot offers epic scenery and is truly a spot secluded from the world. With no … Read More

The Best of Mission Beach

Mission Beach, Australia A Hidden Gem Nestled in between Townsville and Cairns, you will find a lovely gem of the East Coast. Mission Beach is a coastal beauty that has much more to offer than meets the eye! This lovely … Read More

Feeling the Flow of Byron Bay

Byron Bay, Australia A Peaceful Paradise Upon arrival in Byron Bay, I knew this was a destination to unwind and relax. This could be due to the fact I was staying at a hostel called ‘Arts Factory Lodge’ or that … Read More

Exploring the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains- Katoomba, Australia A Brief History The Blue Mountains of Katoomba, Australia are both scenic and mystical due to the blue hue of the mountain ranges. Having recently arrived in Sydney, this would be the first excursion outside the … Read More

The Magic of Art

Hello readers, welcome back! I cannot believe it is already October, truly this year has flown by! I have posted a lot of photos recenty from Europe and out of state but not my hometown so I thought it was … Read More

Traveling with Dogs

Hi readers, welcome back! As many of you have probably seen, my puppy Jax has been all over my Facebook and Instagram page. Jax is not only my fur baby but he will be my main travel companion. In the short … Read More

How To: Make Time

Hi readers! As you can see it has been a while since I have published a blogger story entry; August 1st to be exact. I want to start a section called ‘How To.’ These entries will be about anything an … Read More