Seeing A New Side of Sydney

Sydney, Australia An Iconic Cityscape Sydney, Australia is certainly an iconic, popular vacation destination for tourists as well as a home base to international travelers.¬†While there are many sights that should not go unseen during your visit such as the … Read More

Lessons Learned From Australia

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See you there!

The Barefoot Bushwalk

Cape Tribulation A Jungle Escape In one of the oldest World Heritage sites of the world, the Daintree Rainforest, you will find Cape Tribulation. This spot offers epic scenery and is truly a spot secluded from the world. With no … Read More

The Best of Mission Beach

Mission Beach, Australia A Hidden Gem Nestled in between Townsville and Cairns, you will find a lovely gem of the East Coast. Mission Beach is a coastal beauty that has much more to offer than meets the eye! This lovely … Read More

Ready to Fly?

Hello readers, welcome back! First of all thank you to everyone who read my last post, ‘What it Takes to Fly.’ I wanted to be as transparent as possible because that is who I am. I think it ties into … Read More

What it Takes to Fly

Let me tell you a story. Close your eyes for a minute. Imagine you are lying in a bed of pillows, or clouds, if you will. Maybe it is a dream but it oddly feels like reality. Everything around you … Read More