Feeling the Flow of Byron Bay

Byron Bay, Australia A Peaceful Paradise Upon arrival in Byron Bay, I knew this was a destination to unwind and relax. This could be due to the fact I was staying at a hostel called ‘Arts Factory Lodge’ or that … Read More

Exploring the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains- Katoomba, Australia A Brief History The Blue Mountains of Katoomba, Australia are both scenic and mystical due to the blue hue of the mountain ranges. Having recently arrived in Sydney, this would be the first excursion outside the … Read More

Ready to Fly?

Hello readers, welcome back! First of all thank you to everyone who read my last post, ‘What it Takes to Fly.’ I wanted to be as transparent as possible because that is who I am. I think it ties into … Read More

What it Takes to Fly

Let me tell you a story. Close your eyes for a minute. Imagine you are lying in a bed of pillows, or clouds, if you will. Maybe it is a dream but it oddly feels like reality. Everything around you … Read More